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(English) The Way of Trading


(English) This book is devoted to everyone interested in business. It is a system of viewpoints on the relationships penetrating all companies and all markets. Eastern ethics and philosophy are considered the wellsprings of this book; nonetheless, the principles presented herein seem relevant for our country as well. All players in business managers, sellers, suppliers will find these principles applicable. The book only demands that the reader enjoys what he/she does at work every day.

Stories reminds Zen texts, and way of trade as it becomes obvious after reading of several stories, is one of ways of achievement of perfection according to the author’s plan. It is just as in yoga where affirms, that profound development of any skill or a trade is the way to perfection. The book is written in peculiar east practice that mythologizes the instructor. And if you are protected by healthy skepticism from author s transparent attempts to transfer the reader reverential trembling before this person, the reflection over these stories may be rather useful to those who improve their skills in art of sales. Good luck to those who are going the way of trade!


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