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Style Cards by Natali Radkevice based on Archetypes. With Guidebook.


The Style Cards by Natali Radkevice are not simply ordinary pictures of different styles. These actually make up a special diagnostic tool, developed by applying very specific knowledge from seemingly very different fields such as fashion, style, psychology and fortune telling.

Style Cards by Natali Radkevice were designed to aid women in achieving a personal or objective metamorphosis, although these could be applied for working with men as well. Apparel always reflects a person’s character, even when everyone wears the same uniform.

Style Cards by Natali Radkevice can also be used for simpler purposes such as for understanding the style you choose and why as well as for discovering the style of your own dreams.

Style Cards by Natali Radkevice are designed for every woman and are especially useful for professionals: psychologists, stylists and mentors.

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The Style Cards by Natali Radkevice have been developed based on four fundamental patterns like suits relevant to the four cards. A pattern is a repetitive template, a model of behavior. It can be foreseen or surmised:

1. Earthy Woman

2. Wild, Primordial Woman

3. Governing, Ruling Woman

4. Sensual Woman

What is your fundamental pattern? Which archetype is reflected on your preferable style?

Why are so many people often dissatisfied with the style of their clothing? Maybe they do not happy with archetype?

All answers are hidden in a Style Cards by Natali Radkevice based on Archetypes.

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