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GOD, Quantum Physics, Organizational structure & Management Style


Paradoxically, the predominating pyramidic model of organizational management conflicts with the laws of physics and takes people down a path of alienation and conflicts as well as threatens the survival of the organization.

This book is meant to help You create an organization that is outstanding for its internal as well as its external harmony. By operating on the foundation of self-organization, the organization will be improving daily, pursuing long-range goals and caring not just for its employees but its entire environment as well.

That is only possible by reorganizing a static pyramid into a dynamic flow organization.

It will help You to implement Flow management methodologies such as LEAN, TOC or 6Sigma much faster.

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Authors provide analysis of the origins pyramid as a model for hierarchical structure design. Pyramid is described as an instrument where in the top of it is creator. Creator is God. The authors drawing parallel between the secular and theological worlds provides many truly amazing facts.

Authors evaluate the organization as a mechanism which tends to expand and at the same time becomes so large that it has an internal gravity. Because of this the company head loses the power and is just as the sample of astronauts and Earth. Astronaut sees the entire planet, but it does not have any significant power to it. Here the authors discuss then who directs the company.

The answer to this question the authors says that its the company culture and the structure of the company. There is also mentioned moral and ethical issues. You can also find alternative models of corporate governance – Self-Organizing company.

The book is basically for the “advanced” reader. Why advanced? Because the book requires a deeper knowledge of the business as an entity.

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