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Most people seem businessman to be wizards, magicians or people from another planet. Think about it, every normal person has ideas, and many would like to get rich. However, only the businessmen were able to turn ideas into money. Think about this phenomenon. Idea, the air, “nothing” can be turned into money – a matter that body! This fact alone – already a miracle, alchemy or witchcraft. Then, in what sense do you stain a phenomenon that depends on the prevailing cultural attitudes, beliefs, religions, a common political ideology, etc.. All this for centuries, and sometimes, as during the Revolution, the years affected by the collective archetypes of the vast majority of people through the unconscious manifestation of their ego is hurt. What most often the Ego, the inner rationalist atheist, claims? That it is impossible to make money without having a material basis, that is, equity or bonds. But the reality is that many start a business with an idea!
Why do some people manage to turn ideas into the body, while the other – no? Universities, studying business, build different models of successful companies. On successful business books are written. Built to Last “(as if the business can be built!),” Blue oceans strategy “, etc. These books are very popular, but they share one thing in common: repeat the path of described organizations, readers will not. Perhaps the answer to the question is not in the above method or logic, but somewhere deeper. Understand the methodology, the scheme of the existing business is easy because it requires only your intelligence. To understand the knowledge, nothing should change within the student. You do not need any inner personal transformation. Secret, and a mechanism for creating a business from scratch lies in the fact that it is not an intellectual solution but personal experience. Personal experience, the experience can turn someone else’s knowledge of his own. The very process of transformation is activated only if the person is ready to understand, accept and give up old beliefs. This is not a building structure, not folding cubes, but the act of creation and contemplation: at times agonizing, painful, and sometimes easy, tantric, but always requires effort, persistence and impact! Another mystery is most often stored for nine castles in the fact that for building a successful business should be a hidden treasure. Required is contained in a very unseemly things. Secret places where hidden treasures in the textbooks are sometimes called business niches. Theoretically start and do business everyone can, but why then is so difficult to become rich? Eastern philosophers few thousand years ago, claimed: “A beggar can never be king. If he’s going to save money, it will always remain poor. ” This is due to two underlying causes.
1. Mendicant mind is a long-standing habit that is very difficult to get rid of. He whispers to you on a daily basis: other have businesses, precisely because they had money or connections, and since you have not, then you’re just a victim. And what do you do for this is not done here at anything.
2. If there is no hidden treasure, it is impossible to accumulate wealth. Accumulation does not depend on your efforts. On the contrary, the more you try to accumulate, the harder it is to do it. In the barrier turn yourself your efforts, expectations, your stress, craving, your bussinest. Often, everything breaks down: dreams, the whole lives, families and individuals find themselves in these circles of hell. And it happens not because they somehow behaved improperly, but because of external, they are not controlled by events at the macro level, such as distress, unhappiness with their friends, crisis, war and so on. People rarely realize that they are part of the open interconnected systems, events, captives of the gods or fate (to choose which interpretation you prefer), rather than individual units, which are on isolated islands in the serene universe. ” If treasure is found, we can hope that anything will be even more abundance during the crisis, and the stash, the accumulation of help just to feed themselves and stay alive.
So what’s the secret of people who were able to create a business? Firstly, a strong desire and belief in what they can do it. Secondly, a great effort and a full commitment case. To paraphrase the Bible, we can say this: “Six days and nights they are creating one, and only on the seventh day of rest.” Third, they intuitively accidentally (very rare: exact) knew where they were digging, there is a treasure. Think, for whatever reason, good consultants often do not conduct business in the area in which advice and hired managers rarely create their own business? Simply, they know perfectly well how to effectively exploit someone found the treasure, but not how to do his search. If the creators of the business I would call the alchemists and magicians, part of the salaried managers and staff – “realists” or pragmatic, are rarely who believe that miracles were made from the mouth of the boss can become a reality. Often new ideas boss it seems so unreal, that was originally rejected.
For intelligence is much easier to do glagolstvovaniem “Why it will not work” and to continue usual work to extinguish the same fire and complaining about the same “installment of the objective” circumstances, than to try to see this fine line between fantasy and reality about the treasure. Indeed, in this case required action and transformation, a step in not known, and many fear whispers in his ear: “Be careful, it can be black spots!

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