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    Awaiting The Golden Age (Handmade Book)
    This book is an aid in making the first step to improving body, spirit, and life. It was written so that reader would start to question, start looking for answers and would move on a different road.
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    The way of trading
    The Way of Trading
    This book is devoted to everyone interested in business. It is a system of viewpoints on the relationships penetrating all companies and all markets. Eastern ethics and philosophy are considered the wellsprings of this book; nonetheless, the principles presented herein seem relevant for our country as well. All players in business managers, sellers, suppliers will find these principles applicable. The book only demands that the reader enjoys what he/she does at work every day. Stories reminds Zen texts, and way of trade as it becomes obvious after reading of several stories, is one of ways of achievement of perfection according to the author's plan. It is just as in yoga where affirms, that profound development of any skill or a trade is the way to perfection. The book is written in peculiar east practice that mythologizes the instructor. And if you are protected by healthy skepticism from author s transparent attempts to transfer the reader reverential trembling before this person, the reflection over these stories may be rather useful to those who improve their skills in art of sales. Good luck to those who are going the way of trade!
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    Awaiting the Golden Age
    This book is an aid in making the first step to improve body, spirit and life. It was written so that reader would start to question, start looking for answers and would move in different road.
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    Dievas, kvantinė fizika, organizacijos struktūra ir vadovavimo stilius
    GOD, Quantum Physics, Organizational structure & Management Style
    The book will show how to transfer your organization culture from Pyramid to Flow oriented management. It will help You to implement Flow management methodologies such as LEAN, TOC or 6Sigma much faster.
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    15 Qualities Of High-Performers
    15 Qualities Of High-Performers
    A short and efficient book on how to achieve the maximum potential inbuilt in every individual. Based on true life experiences and written by the youngest World Champion in Kickboxing, these core tenets will allow everyone to achieve seemingly impossible goals in an incredibly short time-frame. Anyone who builds their character around these 15 qualities will quickly become the most renown and respected professional in any area of life.
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    Crypto ABC
    Crypto ABC
    I wrote this book for a very simple reason. I was the go-to guy for everyone that knew me or heard of me. Everyone had no clue how to enter the crypto market and to what should they pay attention to. I got tired of explaining the same thing over and over and decided to write a guidebook on how to start the life of the crypto trader. This book will not show you the trading secrets, formulas or anything else that could be considered a financial advice. This is a book for total beginners who want to know how to enter the crypto trader life. If you are smart, you will read more books and blogs about trading, and if you will be able to see through the hot steamy crypto women temper, you might come out on top and at least double your bank account.
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